Common Girl Forces Manchu Lakshmi into War of WordsManchu Lakshmi is normally a hard nut to crack and it’s really hard to mince words with the celebrity who is hugely popular among the Telugu audiences. But, here came a common girl giving a reply to Manchu Lakshmi’s tweet.

Manchu Lakshmi tweeted about the inconvenience she had when she had to wait for one and a half hours getting caught in the traffic because of a politician’s protocol. She wondered how would the politicians feel if made to travel in the traffic without the protocol.

A Twiterrati by name Rasna reacted to this tweet explaining her the way common people feel when persons like Manchu Lakshmi go for VIP darshan in Tirumala. Manchu didn’t stop here. She imparted some gyaan saying that everyone who pays money can become a VIP. Rasna isn’t the type of girl to retract, she asked Laksmi where to pay money and how much to become a VIP.

And the war of words continues. Interestingly, most of the netizens took to Rasna’s side and are bashing the VIP culture. Lakshmi started the attack on a VIP forgetting that she also enjoys a VIP status in several occasions. Hmmm!