Mini theaters ramoji rao telangana andhra pradeshTelangana Government is going to receive extra revenues in the form of mini theatres. Each Mini Theatres will be built in 3,000 sq ft equipped with HD quality projection, Dolby sound and good ambience. The mini thetre concept emphasized to encourage the projection of small budget films which are facing severe hardship while release.

As the theatres have been controlled by the few syndicates whereas these mini theatres would be controlled by few individuals. These theatres will have seating capacity 150 against 600 for normal theatres and ticket rates also priced nominally at Rs..50. This is expected to mint 232 crore rupees revenue calculated based on 50% seating occupancy and Telangana would accrue 81 Crore rupee revenue in terms of Entertainment Tax.

There are 1000 theatres would be set up in Telangana and formed Telangana Producers Mini Theatres Owners Cooperative Society. Yesterday this committee met CM KCR to request him to accept this new proposal.