Comedian Venu Madhav Has Lot of BalupuIn the recent past, Telugu audiences got to see very less of Venu Madhav as there came a gap. People thought it is due to either lack of offers or his health issues. Now, the actor is making a comeback with Pawan Kalyan‘s movie.

In a recent interview, the actor’s attitude became a talking point as no one can understand why he displayed such overt arrogance. He said, “I have a lot of balupu. I’m egoistic. I didn’t care anyone in the beginning of my career. I give a damn even now.” Well, that attitude looks truly egoistic. When asked, “Who is your favourite hero?”, the comedian said, “Venu Madhav”. That defines his thought process.

In this age when an entire league of ‘Jabardast’ comedians had taken over the reins in Tollywood, offers had dried up for many veteran comedians. Venu Madhav could be put into this latter category. One can’t understand why Venu Madhav is displaying an egoistic attitude at this juncture of his career. Doesn’t this send signals that his show off is because he isn’t getting offers?