comedian-satya-impressvie-in-ekkadiki-pothavu-chinnavadaSatya is one actor who is slowly making his presence felt in the industry. After doing some blink and miss roles in the past, Satya is slowly finding the foot in the industry of late.

His new role in today’s release Ekkaddiki Potavu Chinnavada has impressed many all over. Satya played the role of hero’s friend and was the main reason for many hilarious episodes during the second half of the film.

Satya’s jokes, especially on the currency ban, left many in splits. His combination with another comedian Vennela Kishore also worked in favor of the film bringing good name for the comedian.

With many senior actors slowly getting sidelined actors like Satya are making their way up and are cementing their place in the industry. For now Satya us grabbing all the limelight.