Comedian Satya Could Really Be Sunil 2.0Comedian Sathya is one of those talents who when offered good comedy tracks and utilized well by the filmmakers can really be comedian Sunil’s 2.0 version. There is an opinion on social media that he should be picked up by star directors and in big star films.

There are a few remarkable small-time comedians in the Telugu Film Industry who are shining in small films and making an impact with their roles and the way they have been imparting their natural flavour to the characters they have been playing.

So far, Sathya has got small films and the natural connection with the audiences is his strength. That can be made use of in the comedy tracks in big films, and he could also be given the much-needed break like Vennela Kishore has been given in the industry.

Vintage Sunil has a certain natural flavour for comedy and his comedy tracks to be hilarious. Audiences miss that kind of natural comic big time and Sathya can easily fit the bill if given chances to shine in the future. What do you think, folks?