Comedian Sapthagiri Completes Hat-Trick Flops as Hero Comedian Sapthagiri is three-film old as a hero now, and he joins the list of all those comedians who tried to turn heroes but couldn’t pull off being the show stealers throughout the show aka ‘Sapthagiri Express’, ‘Sapthagiri LLB’ and now, ‘Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda‘.

His third film ‘Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda’ as the lead man was trashed by critics for entirely depending on his punch dialogue moments instead of having a decent story that wouldn’t be a burden for him to carry the entire thing on his shoulders.

Sapthagiri has his own talent and his biggest strength is the terrific comedy timing. But, that strength isn’t enough to carry a movie if it isn’t backed up by an intriguing story. Looks like, some filmmakers depend on just those moments of his comedy punches rather than on a solid story when making a film with comedians like Sapthagiri.

His two other films as the lead man also bombed big time and that must have been a lesson to the makers who choose a comedian to play the lead.