Comedian Manoj Prabakar Apologises For Mocking SuperstarThe stand-up comedian Manoj Prabhakar who has been at the centre of the storm for the past few days has issued an apology. He has made sarcastic comments on Superstar Mahesh Babu’s acting in Spyder which fans felt was derogatory.

Prabhakar wrote a lengthy apology asking fans to forgive it as a mistake that every human makes. He said that the comments were only restricted to the specific movie and that it was a personal opinion. Further, Prabhakar added that he had not anticipated this backlash or else he would have issued an apology earlier itself.

While doing the same, Manoj Prabhakar asked fans to stop targeting his family members. Any comment or abuse on him is fine, he said, showing how he takes it sportingly referring to the “ugly look” remarks, but family members should not be involved. Let’s hope the fans now cool down as they have got what they want. Comedian Manoj Prabakar Apologises For Mocking Superstar