Prolific film maker is the phrase what suits maverick director RGV these days. After severe criticism he received from a few critics on his last release ‘Ice Cream’, RGV seems to have grown a little bitter and concentrating on giving strong answer to the critics. His ‘Ice Cream 2’ is briskly progressing and he has plans to release it very soon. He even announced that he is going to release one ‘Ice Cream’ every month. Going by his record of making films within days, RGV can keep his word, no doubt.

Meanwhile the talk on ‘Ice Cream 1 1/2’ has surfaced which is to be released after the release of ‘Ice Cream 2’. This one is a short film by comedian Dhanraj. The man behind this short film is again RGV and interestingly this short film’s producer is the same producer who is producing ‘Ice Cream 2’. RGV says that this short film is for all of them who doesn’t like his ‘Ice Cream’s. Cine folks say this is a kind of revenge RGV has planned to silence his critics and to throw satires on them. Well, some even started wondering would there be an ‘Ice Cream 1 3/4’ in that case? Lolz.