prudhvi bengal tigerComedian Pridhvi doubtlessly is emerging as a replacement for some star comedians who have the capacity to carry the comedy track with ease and entertain audiences to the fullest capacity. Has this recent success changed Pridhvi? Pridhvi talks about some artists whose attitude had changed once they become rich and says he isn’t one of them.

From the days he was paid only Rs.1000 to this day, when he is in success, Pridhvi says he respected his producers had never became a burden to them unlike many who forget their roots, from where they came from and ooze attitude as if they are born rich. Once a star comedian asked him, “Is it true that you are asking websites to write articles on you?”

Pridhvi says he never asked any websites to write articles on him. He obliges that media has big part in encouraging him throughout. Coming to his films, he is going to sport a six-pack body for a big movie with Ajith in Tamil. The same six-pack body has worked for his comedy bit on ‘Baahubali’ lifting the Shivalingam in ‘Bengal Tiger’.