jyothika 36 vayadhinile movieHeroine Jyothika has finally had a release after a gap of many years this Friday in the form of 36 Vayadhinile. This is a remake of Malayalam film How Old Are You.

With the actress making her comeback through a remake the obvious question on everyone’s mind would be if she had been offered other such remake offers as there were few female centric films that did extremely well in other languages too. The actress says that she was indeed offered one such remake in the past and that was remake of Kahani, which was eventually done by Nayanatara.

The actress said that while she wasn’t interested in doing film at that point, she didn’t find the team behind the remake exciting. The film as we all know was directed by Sekhar Kammula, a Telugu director. Now that we all know the result of the film, do you think she was right with her assessment?