Come-This-July-1st,-We-Will-Get-An-Idea-About-US-Film-MarketRussell Crowe’s upcoming thriller movie Unhinged will be the first movie to be released in American theatres after they were shut due to the coronavirus pandemic. The movie was supposed to release on September 4th but the makers have decided to advance it to July 1st.

Some of the states in the United States already started opening and all the states are expected to be in the business by July 1st. The makers claim that they have taken the decision after extensive consultation with the National Association of Theatres and leading theatre chains.

Indian filmmakers will be closely observing the developments in the United States. Good patronage will instill courage in them to go forward with their releases. US Business has become a major portion of the film businesses in recent years. The performance of Unhinged will give them an idea about things to come.

“It is not like the English audience and the Desi audience will behave similarly. Our people will be more cautious but we will get a hint,” a distributor based in Chicago told us. Christopher Nolan’s Tenet and Disney’s Mulan were also planned in July but there is no update about their release now.