The renowned director Kamal Haasan who is also a very popular actor spoke about the importance of transparency in the film industries of India. According to him, one of the biggest challenges in the film industry is to meet the demands of the viewers, that too with enough supply of collections are transparent. Kamal says if our collections figures are transparent, our collections will be more than Hollywood, if we can make 10 percent of our 1Billion strong audience watch a super hit film we will earn 1000 Crores alone from theatricals.

When media asked about black money floating in movie world Kamal Quotes Gandhiji’s statement, the actor said that “Satyagraha is not a collective effort but an individual one” which in this context means that it has to begin somewhere and he thinks every one in movie business are responsible for ensuring transparency.

Talking about the competition between different region’s entertainment industries, he said that it will always be the same since India is such a diverse country.