Sundeep Buys VV Vinayak's HouseSundeep Kishan is now a proud owner of a dream house which has the view of Durgam Cheruvu. Like every middle class guy, Sundeep too wanted a dream house which has all the amenities to live up to his expectations. He saved for 7 years to make his dream come true.

He is also sentimentally attached to his four bedroom apartment which he bought from director VV Vinayak. Actually it had been Sundeep’s uncle’s house, which his uncle sold to the director. The actor is happy to get it back and change it according to his taste.

His plush apartment has mini coffee bar, party area, home theater, workout area and all those make a dream home for any bachelor. Needless to say, Sundeep’s apartment will become one of the favorite spots for the young buddies of the actor in the film industry.