CNN, CNN Troll Rajinikanth, CNN Troll Rajinikanth Bollywood Hero, CNN Twitter Troll Rajinikanth Bollywood Hero, CNN Rajinikanth Controversy Twitter as a social media site is a great platform. However Twitteratis can often be very unforgiving over people’s mistakes and little slips. This was seen in the recent incident where a news channel referred to Rajnikant as a Bollywood hero and the channels twitter handle was filled with people trolling them over their slip.

The news channel in question was CNN and they appeared to be putting out a click-bait article which proclaimed Rajnikanth as a Bollywood hero people may not have heard about. Twitteratis soon came to Rajni’s rescue and flooded CNN with trolling messages. While one person retaliated with the message, “Rajinikanth meet @CNN, a Chinese entertainment channel you may not have heard about,” otheres asked the channel to do their research before putting out such facts.

All in all, it was clearly a severely humbling incident for CNN.