Clothes Come Off in Bachelor Parties: ChayNaga Chaitanya has started promoting his upcoming romantic film Thank You. In one of the promotional interviews, he was accompanied by the film’s actress Raashii Khanna.

The anchor was asking some naughty questions, and both the celebrity guests were having a hard time answering them. Raashii Khanna was being diplomatic and was trying to project herself as a very simple naive girl. Chay also tried being a sanskari boy for most of the time, but for one question, he gave quite an interesting answer.

The anchor asked to mention three things to do at a bachelor party, to which Raashii Khanna gave a boring answer that she usually dances, drinks, and has fun. Chay, on the other hand, said that clothes come off during a bachelor party, bottles get over, and people don’t let anyone sleep.

On social media, people are enjoying Chay’s spicy answer and are assuming that Chay might have attended many such bachelor parties where his clothes might have come off, and he might have had some sexy encounters.

Thank You is all set to release on 22nd July, and the makers seem to have started the promotional activities of the film to increase the hype, which is right now at a very low level.