Clean U for Nara Rohit - Pawan Sadineni's SavitriOnly recently did Nara Rohit’s ‘Tuntari’ was released in theaters and now, one of his upcoming films is ready after the Censor Board certified it with clean U. It’s Pawan Sadineni’s ‘Savithri’ starring Nandita Raj as the main female lead.

Nara Rohit has promised that he will be back with another film and his film ‘Savithri’ is ready to arrive. Besides ‘Savithri’, he has few more films on sets, approximately half a dozen. He always inclined himself to select different scripts and do back to back films.

However, the end products of the recent movies released is not up to the mark. Is he forgetting that quality is important over quantity? Just choosing a different subject isn’t enough for him. Hope ‘Savithri’ is different and his upcoming movies prove they have enough stuff.