Clarity-on-Goodachari-Director's-NextGoodachari‘ is one of those movies that was executed well and the director must be lauded for his effort to understand the vision of the writer, here it is Adivi Sesh. If not for Sesh, the director wouldn’t have attempted an action thriller and would have limited himself to a romcom or a drama said the director, Sashi Kiran Tikka.

He is presently enjoying the success of the film and hasn’t committed to any other movie. Sashi Kiran has many story ideas and he needs to develop them into potential scripts. After that, he will be doing a film for others and then return to Adivi Sesh to do the sequel of ‘Goodachari’. It’s Adivi Sesh’s idea to work for the sequel for the recently released thriller.

For ‘Goodachari’, Sashi Kiran worked on the script along with Adivi Sesh. For his next movie, it is going to be his own story. Let’s wait for the director’s next story and going by his words, it would be either a romcom or a drama. The director says he is averse to violence. By the way, ‘Goodachari’ was his directorial debut.