Clarity-on-Anushka-Shetty's-Direct-OTT-ReleaseMedia has been speculating on ‘Nishabdham’ release and there has been a lot written that it would be the first biggie to opt for an OTT release as a theatrical release seemed to be a far cry.

However, Kona Venkat gave clarity on the movie’s release. He shared a Twiter post clarifying that a theatrical release would be their utmost priority and only when situations don’t change favourably for a long time, they would think of an OTT release.

So, that means the makers of the movie are considering the theatrical prospects of the movie in the wake of the probability of opening theatres by the end of July or first week of August.

Even audiences would like to watch Anushka on the bigger screen, but if only the situations turn better in the coming days. The ambiguity continues and maybe, with this clarity from Kona Venkat, speculations around OTT release might take a halt for now.