Clarification on Sai Pallavi's Cuss Word in VirataParvamThis is the second time probably the cuss word used by Sai Pallavi came under discussion after her cuss word that she mouthed in the blockbuster ‘Fidaa’. Now, the second time, we heard another cuss word in the ‘Virata Parvam‘ teaser released yesterday.

Giving the clarification about the cuss word mouthed by her, there is a note circulated with director Venu Udugula’s version of using the word in ‘Virata Parvam’. There was a reference to that cuss word in popular literature.

That particular cuss word used in the film which was used in the book ‘Chikatlonchi Chikatloki’ was derived from another raw cuss word used very commonly because most of these cuss words are targeted against women demeaning them.

So, with a tweak, Sai Pallavi is seen throwing stones at someone shouting, ‘lanjadikodaka’ in the movie’s teaser. Here, we have another reference when Vijay Deverakonda used the raw version of the cuss word in ‘Arjun Reddy’ that went viral and even turned controversial.

Coming to the teaser, Rana and Sai Pallavi seem to be the soul of this love story set in the backdrop of armed rebellion. Both of their characters were etched in a way that will keep the intrigue alive till we get to see the next promo from the film.