Cinnamon, a very common food ingredient found in every kitchen of India, has many surprising health benefits. It is said Cinnamon is very helpful in regulating the Blood Sugar level. It has properties which help those with insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetics. Cinnamon is a scientifically proven Cancer Preventer. Several researches show that its oil can be effectively used in the treatment of Tumors, Gastric Cancers and Melanomas.

Cinnamon has a mitigating effect on the extra sugar in the body, which may cause or sustain cancer cells, by controlling blood sugar levels in the body. Studies have also shown that Cinnamon is not only helpful in fighting cancer or high blood sugar but also helps in Arthritis and Osteoporosis. It is said that Cinnamon tea and massage with its oil reduces the pain from arthritis. Apart from these medicinal values, Cinnamon is also a good food preservative and odor neutralizer.