sukumar ratnaveluWhether it’s Rajnikanth or Mahesh Babu, Star cinematographer Ratnavelu prefers to do make up test to understand the actor better. For ‘Kumari 21 F’ heroine Hebah Patel too, he did make up test and made her look different on screen. By worth of his work, he is the most sought after cinematographer now. He has been working on a script for 3 years to direct a movie but upset over a recent super hit Tamil movie.

The script for which he has been working for 3 years has close resemblances to the Tamil movie which was released recently and became a big blockbuster. He was so upset that he didn’t talk with anybody for two weeks. Anyway, he has plans to direct a couple of movies to satisfy his urge to be a director but doesn’t want to be completely away from his camera work. He’ll return to cinematography.

In a recent media interaction he also talked about why he missed Sukumar’s ‘Nannaku Premato’. Though he was with Sukumar listening to the script for four months and visualizing how to shoot in different locales, the film got postponed several times and Ratnavelu had to move on to other projects. But the cinematographer is sure that he isn’t going to miss Sukumar’s next hopefully.