Cinema shouldn't alter our values: K. Vishwanath

A legendary filmmaker, known for making some of the path breaking films in Telugu industry, K. Vishwanath believes that change is good in cinema, but it should not be at the cost of values. He says cinema shouldn’t change or alter our values because these help us stay rooted.

He says it’s perfectly alright change the way we make films, induce humour and entertainment, but that shouldn’t change some of the values that remind us of our rich culture. He says he has made several films over the years, but has always ensured that our cultural values are not compromised. He gives the example of Sankarabharanam, and says that the film did have controversial outlook, but it never changed the values.

He says he would love to make more films, but is not happy with how the industry is progressing. He feels his film will not find a place in today’s generation of commercial filmmaking.