Cinema not a money-making career: young director

Director Praveen Sattaru had a plum IT job in the US, which was paying him big bucks, before he decided to quit and return to India to make films. It wasn’t an easy ride recalls Praveen, who started his cinematic career with ‘Life Before Marriage’ (LBW) and went on to make ‘Routine Love Story’, and is now awaiting the release of ‘Chandamama Kathalu’. Praveen believes cinema is not a money-making because 99 percent of the people who enter films don’t make money at all. He says he also happens to be one among them and that he never aspired to become a filmmaker to make more money.

He said if money was concern, then he could have continued doing his job in the US, which was paying him more than what he has made in the last three years. Since he has always been passionate about films, Praveen decided to quit his job and return to India to make films. While his first two films despite being good could not be commercially successful, Praveen has learnt an important lesson. He says it’s very important to make films that audience have not seen before yet has something very appealing for them. While it’s difficult to make films featuring superstars, he says instead make films that will be embraced by all types of audience.

We might wonder that Praveen may be saying all this to earn some brownie points but the fact that he has produced all his films so far stand testimonial to his statement. The director, who is awaiting for ‘Chandamama Kathalu’, already has several stories ready with him. He will choose one from it after the release of his film and start working on it.