Balakrishna AkhandaNandamuri Balakrishna’s Akhanda is going great guns at the box office. The movie has collected around 45 Crore Share in the first weekend of its release. Akhanda is the story on an Aghora and the second half is full of dialogues about Hindutva, Temples, Culture etc.

Christian Missionaries see the film as a threat and we can see numerous messages from the pastors asking Christians to boycott the movie. Hindutva groups, on the other hand, are pushing the film saying that such films will help stop the Conversions.

Both the sides are helping Akhanda in one way or the other. Meanwhile, the real test for Akhanda begins today as the working days started. Given the steam the movie has now, many believe the movie would not stop any sooner. At this stage, 60 Crore Share looks easy.

Fans are hoping for 70 Crore finish. But then, Akhanda is that kind of film which always surprised everyone right from the start. So, we never know!