Regina Cassandra, who is famous for advertisements done in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam, along with short films like Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Yeppadi and feature films like Suryakanthi in Kannada,Kanda Naal Mudhal in Tamil and Siva Manasulo Shruti in Telugu, has her latest film releasing this Friday on the twenty-third of November. The film in question is Routine Love Story helmed by Praveen Sattaru and music for which was scored by Mickey J Meyer. With that in consideration, Regina, recently talked about her film and the experiences gained during its making.

About the factor attracting her to the film, Regina answered that, “I always believed in three things — director, script and character. When Praveen narrated the script, it was quite relatable. I enjoyed it. There’s nothing as good as being a part of what you enjoy.” When asked the question of whether she had watched the film LBW and had heard of Praveen Sattaru, Regina responded that, “I had not seen the film but I had done some research on who I would be working with. After signing the film, I saw LBW and liked it. I was happy to choose RLS.”