Chiru Vs Balayya: New Headache!Mythri Movie Makers is going through a tough time releasing two of their most anticipated movies. Megastar Chiranjeevi’s Waltair Veerayya and Nandamuri Balakrishna’s Veera Simha Reddy both produced by Mythri are all set to release during Sankranthi 2023.

The makers tried their best to not release both films during the same season as they will eat into each other’s business. But under the pressure from the two stars and their fans they decided to release both of the films on Sankranthi but with a gap of a day or two.

Now another issue has become the cause of headache for Mythri. Both the heroes want their films to release first. The film which will release first will grab all the screens. The audience will spend their money on the film that first releases.

The film that releases second will have to be content with a lesser number of screens. The audience will watch it only if the word of mouth is positive or else they will skip it as they have already watched one film that was released first.

In the past, since the films used to have a run for many weeks, it wouldn’t have made any difference which film was released first. But in the OTT era, it’s all about the first weekend. Any film has to go for a kill in the first weekend itself or else things would become tough for it to reach break even.

We have to see how Mythri Movie Makers will handle this tricky situation where they have to play a very balanced game without favoring any film. They can’t afford to disappoint the two big stars or their fans.