Chiru identifies Varun Tej's ProblemComing from mega family Varun Tej certainly has an edge over others as he gets hands on experience from the senior actors from his family. And most importantly from megastar Chiranjeevi. Varun Tej, in a recent interview speaks on how he grew up watching only Chiranjeevi’s films and that itself is a huge inspiration for him rather than the words from the megastar.

Going by the things Varun Tej revealed during the interview, one understands that Chiranjeevi identified Varun Tej’s problem in his debut flick ‘Mukunda’. There are many scenes in ‘Mukunda’ where we see him idle in the frames and has got very less to talk. Though talking less or without dialogues is okay, according to Chiru, an actor should never look idle in any frame. And if such an advice comes from the very talented actor who was popular for the euphoria of emotions he portrayed on screen, Varun Tej has got something more than worthy.

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Varun Tej identifies his strengths and weaknesses too. Having a typical voice and screen presence are his strong points while being a bit on heavier side, his gait taking smaller steps and his dancing skills are his minuses opines the one film old mega hero. Well, with an entire ensemble of actors from the revered family, seeking wise advice wouldn’t be a problem though.