Chirranjeevi_JaganMegastar Chiranjeevi is awaiting the release of Waltair Veerayya which is set for theatrical debut on the 13th of this month. As a promotional stint, he sat down with Telugu media today.

When asked about Andhra Pradesh government’s oppression on Telugu film industry with ticket price restrictions, and rejection of permission for events, Chiru had a calculated response.

“All we can do is abide by the orders of the state governments. We have no other option but to respect it. We should respect the parameters they took into consideration while imposing orders. When the consequence of these orders could lead to Rs 2-3 crore losses, we have to look to compensate by other means and not go for head-on clash. We can’t call them out.”

Chiru added “When I fire on them, my ego might get satisfied, but the effect will fall on my producers, distributors and fans. There’s nothing wrong on backing down in these circumstances.

Chiru stated a few people are ready to take a swing at others and in turn take words from others, but he’s not up for it. Chiru was very calculative and diplomatic in his reply but he conveyed his emotion.