Chiranjeevi's Open Admiration for Her, Brushes Her Cheek Lovingly It’s the pre-release function of Vaishnav Tej’s maiden venture ‘Uppena’. Speaking at the function, Vaishnav Tej was emotional talking about his mother who made sacrifices for her children. She was sitting behind Chiranjeevi during the speech.

Immediately, Chiranjeevi held out his hand to her and brushed her cheeks lovingly showing off how much his sister means to him. Those few moments looked really special between the brother and the sister when the brother felt really prod his sister.

The smile on Vaishnav Tej‘s mother Vijaya Durga’s face was invaluable and Chiranjeevi’s admiration for her was even more. Everyone knows how much support Chiranjeevi gives for his brothers, sisters and their kids. It’s all his support all through.

‘Uppena’ is getting ready to come to the theatres on 12th February 2021 with a very good pre-release buzz any debutante would ask for. A perfect launch pad with everything going as per their plan.