Chiru's Jackpot Offer To Puri JagannadhDespite its not-so-successful box office run, Chiranjeevi’s GodFather tried to sabotage the aftermath of the Acharya disaster to some extent. For all those who watched the film, it is known that director Puri Jagannadh has played the role of YouTube Govardhan in the film, which has been received positively by the audience.

Recently Puri and Chiru conducted an Instagram live to talk about GodFather. During the session, Chiru jokingly asked about the fate of Auto Johnny, which was meant to be his comeback film before Khaidi No. 150.

A surprised and elated Puri said that he has abandoned Auto Johnny’s script, but he has many more interesting and better scripts ready for Megastar. He added that he would love to narrate it to him sometime soon. Megastar also happily agreed to be a part of one of his next projects.

It would be anyone’s guess to understand if this commitment was done casually by Chiru or if there was some serious thought behind it. But in case, this project materializes, then it would be a jackpot for Puri Jagannadh after the Liger fiasco.