Chiranjeevi had halted his film journey at 149 and took a dive in to Politics. His Political career did not progress as anticipated and the actor was asked about his possible 150th film many times. But different answers came at different times. ‘150th movie can wait’, ‘Listening to scripts’. ‘Very soon’, ‘No more movies’ are the different ones but does any body know what exactly is running in Chiranjeevi’s mind? Probably this will answer your doubt.

The actor was approached to play the role of Lord Siva in JK Bharavi’s directorial, Jagadguru Adi Shankaracharya movie. He really wanted to help Bharavi but could not forego the milestone. So, he just lent his voice in the movie and the makers used the visuals of Chiranjeevi as Siva from Manjunadha movie. So, 150 is certainly on cards!!!