Waltair_Veerayya_Release_Date-As M9.news had reported earlier, Mythri Movie Makers were always wanting the early Sankranthi release slot of January 11 for Waltair Veerayya. But Chiranjeevi insisted on the 13 Jan slot.

Now, after taking a look at the latest developments, one can say that Chiru could be repenting the missed opportunity of the 11 Jan release slot.

Varasudu, the Telugu dubbed version of Varisu has altered the release plan from 11 January to 14 January. The film was originally feared to eat up a sizable portion of theaters in Telugu states on 11 Jan, but that isn’t the case now as it has been pushed to 14 January.

The big-star film that releases first in the Sankranthi race usually has an advantage at the box office if the word of mouth is good. Excellent openings are guaranteed anyway.

Chiru missed the same for Veerayya as he picked 13 Jan slot. And now, the lucrative 11 Jan slot has gone down begging with a dubbed film Thegimpu taking it. Had Chiru come on this date, he would’ve enjoyed great openings and the early release advantage.

So as things stand, it is advantage Balakrishna who enjoys first big Sankranthi film prospect as Veera Simha Reddy releases on 12th January. Chiru will then come with Veerayya on 13 Jan, while Dil Raju will plan to give a wide release to Varasudu on 14 Jan and eat into theaters of both Veerayya and Veera Simha Reddy.