Chiranjeevi - Acharya - Balakrishna BB3Among the four senior heroes, Nagarjuna’s movie ‘Wild Dog’ is anyway going for a digital release on Netflix unless the makers choose to go for last minute radical change in the plans. So, it’s megastar Chiranjeevi, Victory Venkatesh and Nandamuri Tiger Balayya in the race in the coming March.

Especially the race between Chiru’s ‘Acharya’ and Balakrishna’s movie with Boyapati is going to clash with each other. Chiru has got a director like Koratala Siva who has been in great form and Balakrishna has Boyapati Srinu and the combination speaks nothing less than a high-voltage drama.

The clash is nothing like a competition as every hero has got his own space. But a look at the social media pages will make us feel disgusted watching the two senior heroes’ fans abusing each other and resorting to huge trolling to show their star is a bigger hero.

No hero is lesser and even the above-mentioned two senior stars have their own dedicated fan following equally. Both ‘Acharya’ and BB3 are potential movies and most importantly, they aren’t clashing on the same date, even.

Currently, fans of both the heroes are turning nasty on social media platforms as the promotional material is coming out. This is something that needs to be rectified and fans need to understand that there is no enmity between their favourite star heroes.