Chiranjeevi To Lead, Ram Charan To SteerMegastar Chiranjeevi has come up with a noble initiative to help the people in the COVID times. Chiranjeevi’s Blood Bank, until now, played a crucial role in the COVID fight of AP and Telangana states so far by mobilizing resources for Plasma Donation.

Now taking it a step ahead, Chiranjeevi is going to launch Oxygen Banks to overcome the Oxygen Shortage in both the Telugu states. His son, Ram Charan will oversee the operations of these Oxygen Banks. The groundwork for the Oxygen Banks is already done and they will be operational in a week’s time across the Telugu states.

The finer details of this project will be revealed soon. There is severe pressure on the health care system in the COVID second wave. There are instances of patients getting killed due to Oxygen shortage. In some hospitals, the managements are discharging the patients due to the Oxygen problem and in some hospitals, the attendants are running pillar to post to purchase the oxygen cylinders in black markets.

Several industries have become makeshift production units to manufacture medical-grade oxygen. We have seen Governments deploying Airforce fighter jets to transport empty Oxygen tankers and importing cryogenic tankers for Oxygen via ships from other countries. These things just outline the importance of this initiative by Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.