Chiranjeevi, Stop Your Photo Sessions: GarikapatiMegastar Chiranjeevi faced a strange and unusual situation of sorts today as he attended a cultural event in Hyderabad. He was asked to stop his photo shoot sessions while on stage.

Going into the story, Chiranjeevi attended a cultural event in Hyderabad today. The event was also graced by renowned Vedhanthi, Garikapati Narasimha Rao.

In a video from the event, we see youngsters and women flooding the stage to get a picture with Chiranjeevi. Chiru is also in a joyous mood as he poses to the camera. This is when Garikapati picks up the mic and says “Chiranjeevi garu, enough with your photo shoo sessions. If you don’t stop your photos spree, I will leave the venue. I don’t have any intention of staying here.”

Not many would expect Chiru to receive such a verbal confrontation on stage. We see the organizers trying to pacify the situation by speaking with Garikapati. This video is now going viral on social media.

A few are faulting Garikapati for his overtly aggressive comment on Chiru and a few say Garikapati is a respected veteran himself and he can’t be made to wait on stage for a photo shoot.