Chiranjeevi Shouts At The Senior ActressChiranjeevi despite having larger-than-life stature has always been hailed for his grounded nature and being a selfless man. His fiery side is hardly ever spoken of. Now, this side of Megastar has been revealed by senior actress Annapoorna.

The senior actress in an interview revealed that Chiranjeevi shouted at her once. It happened during sets, where she was not standing properly compelling Chiranjeevi to yell at her. “It was during my initial days where I used to be star-struck seeing such big faces. I would be more conscious if I could deliver my dialogues. Keeping this in mind and conscious being next to stars, I used to not be aware of the lights where we were supposed to stand while the scene was shot,” says Annapoorna.

“In one such case, Chiranjeevi shouted at me saying, “Can’t you stand properly, Can’t you see the light,”. Chiranjeevi shouted only for my betterment, that is if I stand near the light, I would be visible on camera properly,” senior actress Annapoorna said this in a jestful way.

On the professional front, Chiranjeevi is back on Acharya sets which was stalled due to a second wave. Post Acharya, he would then move on to Lucifer remake.