Chiranjeevi -Kalyaan Dhev (1)Megastar Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law, Kalyaan Dhev’s debut ‘Vijetha’ was a total washout. He lacked the screen presence in his debut movie and also disappointed performance-wise making people to think if they have to consider him as another hero in Tollywood.

Chiranjeevi seems to be focusing on his son-in-law’s career when he gave a green signal for Kalyaan Dhev’s next project, a pure sports drama with no love angle or family drama in which he would be playing a sprinter.

Nepotism rules everywhere and the film industry isn’t certainly an exemption for this. The debate will be on, but influential families like the mega family will never stop introducing heroes from their families.

Therefore, Kalyaan Dhev will keep getting fair chances in different projects till one of them turns out to be a hit and settles him as an actor in the Telugu Film Industry

The guy seems to be focusing on his body working out hard in the gym for playing an athlete. As Chiru’s family member, maybe, he needs to focus on his acting skills even. What do you think?