Chiranjeevi Saves The Life Of Press Photographer!There is a talk in the industry that Megastar Chiranjeevi will be the first man to reach out when it comes to resolving film industry problems.

On many occasions, Chiru extended his helping hand to industry people. Even during the testing times of the pandemic, Chiranjeevi came forward to gather funds and helped film industry workers by providing essential ration items.

Now, according to the latest reports, Chiru helped one of the senior photojournalists from a leading newspaper. Reportedly, the photojournalist fell sick suddenly and was looking for a medical emergency.

After knowing the health condition of the journalist, Chiru immediately responded in a positive way and spoke with the doctors in person, and made sure the press photographer got the necessary treatment.

It is also being reported that the parents of this senior photographer expired during the last COVID wave. He spent a lot to save their lives but in vain.

It is being reported that after treatment, the photographer’s health is stable now, and he is out of danger.

Mega fans are hailing this gesture of Chiru and are saying that Megastar turned ‘Apathbandhavdu’ for this photographer in real life.