Chiranjeevi Birthday Twitter SpaceMegastar Chiranjeevi’s Birthday Spaces Session is the Second Celebrity Twitter Spaces session in Tollywood after the one on Mahesh Babu’s Birthday. Mahesh Babu’s session was attended by around 14K Listeners but Chiranjeevi’s session was mostly less than 5K listeners.

The Listeners count barely matters because except for celebrities, normal people were not given a chance on both the instances. Chiranjeevi’s session was lively in the initial parts because of Naveen Polishetty. 

Naveen added a touch of humor and also ensured the celebrities also remain in the flow. The celebs were sharing their experiences and opinions about Chiranjeevi mixed with loads of humor. But then, once Naveen left the session, it is back to the usual Boredom of routine speeches going endlessly.

The Spaces Session had crashed at least two times and finally it had to end abruptly due to lack of time. Some of the celebrities could not even get to talk as a result. Tollywood has to come up with a better idea to conduct these sessions.