Chiranjeevi Rings Up Balakrishna Our readers are aware that Megastar Chiranjeevi is trying to lead a delegation of Tollywood Stars to please Jagan and get the ticket prices issue. The list has some big stars like NTR, Mahesh Babu, and Prabhas. We have reliably learned that he called up Balakrishna as well to join them.

But then, Balakrishna reportedly told him a polite No. “Without being harsh, Balakrishna just told Chiranjeevi he is back from a political tour from Hindupur and is in isolation since then. He asked him to proceed with the meeting and get some good news,” a source close to Balakrishna told us.

“Balakrishna is a strict TDP man and there is no compromise on it. The makers of Akhanda were so desperate to get hiked rates for their film. They tried their level best to convince Balakrishna to talk to Jagan. They believed Jagan would give rates so as to get closer to the Nandamuri family. But Balayya said no even if that means losing huge revenue,” the source added.

Trade experts believe that Akhanda lost a good 10-15 Crore Share as a result. “However, he agreed not to make any political statements regarding the ticket prices until the issue is resolved,” we are told.