Siddartha Toleti | January 11, 2017 at 12:23 pm |

Megastar Reveals He Was Hurt

megastar-chiranjeevi-reveals-he-was-hurtMegastar Chiranjeevi met Telugu cinema press for an exclusive interview for the first time post the completion of comeback film. In this meet, he clarified many issues and one among them the regarding Nagababu.

Chiranjeevi revealed that he was hurt with the comments of director Ram Gopal Varma and also asserted that anyone would in his place. But he chose to not respond to them. Nagababu, on the other hand, couldn’t control and burst out, said the star, implying that it is a natural reaction.

As we all know Nagababu had fired on the celebrated director RGV for his twitter rants. Since then, the director has been tweeting the hell out with Mega brother and Megastar as the focus.

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