Chiranjeevi Requests JaganThe restricted cinema ticket prices issue in Andhra Pradesh is one of the major concerns of Telugu cinema now. The ticket prices have been capped at an abnormally low amount by the government of Andhra Pradesh.

Speaking about the same, Megastar Chiranjeevi, who graced the pre-release event of Love Story today made an honest request to the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

“The success rate in Telugu cinema is less than 20%. The success of a few films doesn’t necessarily mean that the industry is flourishing. The industry is indeed struggling due to the Covid pandemic,” Chiranjeevi said.

The senior actor added that “We are spending a lot of money on making films. So, we need to be provided with a viable revenue model to make sure that the producers can recover their investments. Imposition of restrictions can kill the industry,” he said.

“We aren’t asking this out of greed, but out of utmost necessity,” Chiranjeevi stated.

This request speech from Chiranjeevi has come few hours before the industry biggies’ meeting with AP Cinematography Minister, Perni Nani.