Chiranjeevi Repeating Old Sentiment Tollywood is back to action as shoots have resumed and Koratala Siva too will resume the Acharya shoot soon. The latest talk is that Chiranjeevi will be repeating an old sentiment for Acharya. If we recall, Chiranjeevi’s two films – Rudraveena and Tagore have bagged prestigious and coveted National Awards.

What makes special about the two films is that in both the films legendary poet Sri Sri’s iconic poem ‘Nenu Saitham’ stanzas have been used. It is rumoured that for Acharya too, lines from the iconic poem will be taken.

Acharya deals with naxalism wherein Chiranjeevi is said to have turned into a social reformer, who is joined by Charan essaying as Siddha. Where Koratala makes use of these iconic lines is to be seen. Meanwhile, will the old sentiment work for Chiranjeevi. Will Acharya bag the coveted National Award is awaited too.

Meanwhile, Chiranjeevi’s role is said to be inspired from Vizag Sayudha Poratam, where the filmmaker gets inspired from a rebellious character behind Megastar’s role. The film holds special importance and is eagerly awaited by Mega fans as the celebrated father-son are seen in a full-fledged role together for the first time. Meanwhile, the makers are planning to release the second single soon.