Chiranjeevi Gives Fair Reason on Behalf of HeroinesChiranjeevi Charitable Trust is presently collecting the donations for helping the film workers in the Telugu Film Industry who have been financially suffering due to the lockdown. The megastar took the initiative, and many stars and technicians came up with reasonable donations.

There is a question doing rounds on our heroines who seem to have ignored the donations part. Responding to the question, Chiranjeevi said that it’s due to only lack of information for them and he sees no other reason for their non-donations.

So, he is seeing to that, they are reaching out to the heroines, personally. The present scenario didn’t allow him to create a new trust for helping the film workers.

So, the donations are directly going to his charitable trust. But, once Corona goes away, donations to the trust will cease, clarified the megastar.

Currently, they are providing relief measures to the workers supplying basic essentials with Rs. 2222 to every cine-family they have identified according to the cine data available.