Chiranjeevi_TweetFor the past couple of days, there have been multiple social media narratives on the mega family. A section of mega fans have been fuming on Allu Arjun for sharing a tweet on 27 March, on the occasion of him completing 20 years in Tollywood but skipping Ram Charan’s birthday wishes.

Incidentally, Bunny had also skipped Charan’s birthday party that was held at Chiranjeevi’s house. This has been a burning clash between the Mega fans and Allu Arjun’s fans.

And now, there’s a new addition to the ongoing feud as Chiranjeevi shared a tweet, through which he appreciated Bunny for scaling great heights and becoming a pan Indian star now.

Many netizens are stating that Chiru is doing the right thing by putting in his efforts to keep the family together and put an end to the ‘Mega Vs Allu’ feud narrative.

But again, there’s another section that has a wild theory on the pic shared by Chiru. “Chiranjeevi intentionally shared a picture of him and Allu Arjun from an early stage of his career, where Chiru is holding Bunny’s hand. This could be an indirect warning from Chiru to Bunny to remember where he came from and who supported him at the start” a netizen commented.

What happens in a family, stays inside the family. But it is funny how netizens can draw assumptions of their own and create stories from just simple social media posts.