chiranjeevi-political issuesChiranjeevi, the Union Minister in previous UPA regime seems to have lost interest in politics after the recent electoral defeat. He is very rarely seen in political sphere after the elections and most of the times, he is seen in Congress meetings. Congress party is very actively working over the AP capital issue trying to lead the agitation of the land losing farmers. But Chiranjeevi is not at seen here.

Recently the actor cum politician did not even tour the Hudhud affected areas but only accompanied Rahul Gandhi, a week after the disaster. Congress leaders themselves are commenting that the Megastar is seen in High media coverage events but not the events related to the common people.

Many are even of the opinion that Chiranjeevi is not interested in direct politics any more and will very soon go in to films and he is only interested to be in the good books of the high command so that he gets nominated posts going further.