Chiranjeevi CriedThe South Indian film industries have been mourning the death of Sarath Babu, who died yesterday due to multiple organ failures. Various actors and film personalities have been commenting about his work and their association with him.

Suhasini Maniratnam and Chiranjeevi were two people who spent quality time with the deceased actor at the hospital. Suhasini talking to the media, said that Sarath Babu did open his eyes and said a ‘hi’ of sorts to Suhasini and that she could see the happiness in his eyes.

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Suhasini also added how Chiranjeevi broke down during the time and how he insisted on knowing how Sarath Babu could be helped and what kind of treatment needed to be given for him to survive.

Meanwhile, talking to the media, Suhasini also said that Sarath Babu was very close to both Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. While he acted in quite a few films with Rajinikanth, she revealed that it was Kamal Haasan he shared a strong bond.

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Suhasini also made it clear that it was their duty to go spend time at the hospital as they were all contemporaries and friends of Sarath Babu.

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