Chiranjeevi Keeping His Reputation & Charan's Future At RiskAcharya’s losses saga is not ending any sooner. Koratala is struck at this issue forever and could not even move on to his next project, #NTR30.

It has come as a big surprise to normal folks that Koratala Siva the director of the film is at receiving end.

But buyers say Koratala pushed them to pay until the last penny even though they have negative vibes about the film.

Buyers were looking to pay less than pre-agreed deals but Koratala convinced them to pay in full.

The actual producers – Niranjan Reddy and Chiranjeevi are using this to their benefit and pushing the entire burden on Koratala.

But then, the issue is unlikely to end with Koratala forever and at some point in time will reach the doorstep of Chiranjeevi.

Irrespective of who is involved, at some point, it will come to ‘Chiranjeevi has 1000s of Crores, why being kanjoos?’.

Something of that kind never happened in Chiranjeevi‘s illustrious career. It is a big shame for Chiranjeevi to let it happen.

Forget about Chiranjeevi for a moment who is at the fad end of his career.

This will affect Ram Charan‘s reputation as well. Charan is a part of Acharya and its production.

Chiranjeevi had earned the confidence of the trade and the buyers over the years. Ram Charan is also traveling in the same direction.

Trade invests in a film considering a star as its face. That confidence should stay intact to ensure the star and his market grows exponentially.