Chiranjeevi Is Nothing Without Allu AravindThere’s no denying the fact that Allu Aravind producer an instrumental role in Chiranjeevi’s rise to the top. But the extent of the involvement and support of the star producer is subjective.

Now, senior actor, Chandramohan has weighed in on the same he implied that Chiranjeevi is nothing without Allu Aravind.

“In our days, we used to refer to Chiranjeevi as Arjunudu from Mahabharatam. When Arjunudu set out on a mission, he always looked up to Sri Krishna. Without Sri Krishna, Arjunudu was nothing. In this case, Chiranjeevi was Arjunudu and Aravind was Krishna” Chandramohan said in an interview with a YouTube tabloid.

The veteran actor added that Allu Aravind had also extensively advised Chiru about what roiles to pick, which production houses to work with, how much remuneration to take and other aspects.

Chandramohan has vocal when he implied that Chiranjeevi wouldn’t have reached the top without Aravind. This statement has inturn lead to a heated debate on social media.