allu arjun speech at rudramadevi audio launchAmidst lakhs of audiences who went crazy on seeing Allu Arjun on Rudramadevi audio launch event in Warangal on 22nd March, Bunny’s speech was one of its kind. Speech which is targetted to reach the audiences and hit them with admiration for the star. Till date, we know Allu Arjun as a good actor and terrific dancer. But today he proved himself a great speaker.

Going by his speech, here is how he went pointwise on his priorities for taking up the character of Gonaganna Reddy.

First reason to accept ‘Rudramadevi’ : He wants to see Telugu Cinema reaching greater heights and if he is a part of one such attempt, it is more than what he wanted for the film. It’s for Telugu Cinema.

Second reason: It’s my respect for women and women power. When you watch the film, you will know how much I respect women and how much it means to accept a female as the hero of a film.

Third reason: It’s for Guna Sekhar’s passion for Cinema. No other director in India would have tried such a magnum opus with a female in the lead if not for Guna Sekhar. His passion made me to accept the role.

Fourth reason: It’s history. Knowing our roots is important, from where we came and what we are today. My history is Chiranjeevi. Like it is megastar who had sweated and worked in hot son and we all sprouted under the shade of that tree. There is no denying to the fact. My respects to mega fans who made us, said Allu Arjun.